Sick of Swatting Away Swarms of Mosquitos?

Sick of Swatting Away Swarms of Mosquitos?

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Are swarms of mosquitos inhabiting your yard? We can help. Turf Grow specializes in mosquito control services in Binghamton, NY and surrounding areas.

Mosquitos can carry a wide variety of dangerous diseases, including the Zika virus, West Nile virus and malaria. Fortunately, our mosquito exterminator knows how to spray organic cedar oil to get rid of every last mosquito on your property. Cedar oil smells pleasant to humans, but it kills mosquitos, mosquito larvae and mosquito eggs on contact.

Contact us right away to schedule mosquito control services. We can treat your property once a month during the active season, which is June through October.

Check out these helpful mosquito control tips

Trust a mosquito exterminator at Turf Grow to rid your Binghamton, NY yard of mosquitos. To keep mosquitos from returning to your yard, you should:

Get rid of standing water
Treat your ponds
Clean your gutters
Remove brush piles

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